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Price drop in Vitamin and Anti-aging Serums!

Don’t miss out on our latest promotion, where you can now purchase the Vitamin Serum and the Anti-Aging Serum with a 20% DISCOUNT!

The promotion is valid from April 19th to May 5th.

The Vitamin Serum prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth, preventing thinning of the hair strands. It revitalizes and enhances the radiance of the skin and hair.

The Anti-Aging Serum ensures the elasticity of the skin. When applied to the hair, hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture from the environment and stores it in the hair and skin.

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Pure Aloe Vera (200 ml)

Pure Aloe Vera is the perfect carrier substance and is ideal for addressing skin issues by soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin and reducing irritation. It can also be mixed with serums and oils to facilitate quicker absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. Suitable for both hair and skin: it combats hair loss, dandruff, excessive oiliness, and psoriasis. With its healing, soothing, and regenerative properties, it is suitable for the care of all skin types.

How does your hair and skin change with the use of Pure Aloe Vera?

✓ Irritation disappears, and the skin and scalp no longer itches
✓ The skin and hair regain their moisture, becoming soft and radiant again
✓ The hair visibly becomes healthier and the hair strands become stronger and more resistant

discounts march pure aloe vera
discounts march aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel (200 ml)

Are you in search of a multi-functional product recommended for hair, skin, and body? Then you’ve found the perfect product! Thanks to its germ-killing and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera Gel effectively addresses problematic areas and assists in the treatment of irritated, red, inflamed, and sensitive skin. It works perfectly on its own, for example in the case of a burn, while also excelling as a carrier substance. Use it together with oils and serums to allow them to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

How does your hair and skin change with the use of Aloe Vera Gel?

✓ Effectively soothes the skin and alleviates unpleasant symptoms in case of sunburn or irritation
✓ Nourishes dry, flaky skin, restoring its softness and hydration
✓ Accelerates healing and promotes faster wound recovery

Free gift on orders over 100€

Planning to purchase multiple products? Order your favorites and receive a product for free!

Applicable to all purchases exceeding 100 euros from 15-31 March. The promotion runs for a limited time only until stock lasts!
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Choose your gift from the following popular items:

⭢ Anti-Gray Elixir (200 ml) against gray hair
⭢ Med Oil (100 ml) regenerating oil for hair, scalp and skin
⭢ Detox Oil (100 ml) anti-inflammatory and detoxifying oil for oily skin and scalp
⭢ Detox Wash (100 ml) for oily scalp and skin and oily dandruff
⭢ Sensitive Wash (200 ml) for sensitive, irritated scalp and skin for daily use


10% discount on our limited edition wash products!

With the arrival of summer, we’ve introduced some special limited edition products available in summer scents! Plus, you can now get them with a 10% discount!

We’ve used the finest fruity scents for our wash products: Detox Wash with a melon scent, Sensitive Wash with a peach scent, and Hydrate Wash with a mango scent.

The 10% discount is only available for a limited time, so be sure to get them as soon as possible. The offer lasts until June 16th!


Free gift Aloe Verga Gel tester

With every serum and oil purchase, get a free gift!

Purchase any serum or oil from our online store, and we’ll give you a 20 ml Aloe Vera Gel tester, if there are no carrier items* already in the basket! Oxygeni Hair Aloe Vera Gel is produced by the cold pressing of the aloe vera plant. Thanks to its germicidal and anti-inflammatory properties, it acts effectively in problematic areas. It is an effective aid in the treatment of irritated, reddened, inflamed, and sensitive skin. A multifunctional product recommended for the care of the scalp, hair and the entire body, as well as for dermatological and trichological purposes.

Carrier items: H2O Thermal, Aloe Vera Gel, Pure Aloe Vera


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